Fixed Income Investments

We believe fixed income investments are a vital component to every investor’s portfolio; our experience tells us that affluent clients and prospects demand them. With over 76 million baby-boomers, investors will look to seek professionals who will provide sound income-producing strategies in order to help preserve the wealth they have built, so they can live the life they want throughout their retirement.

Historically, fixed income investments have generally provided investor stability against the volatility of stocks during periods of market downturn. In recent years, however, navigating the rapidly changing bond market has proven to require a greater level of expertise that often involves time-consuming research and an in-depth understanding of the nuances that are often associated with investing in bonds.


The new normal in the fixed income world consists of fluctuating credit qualities (that are often unanticipated) and concerns over the impact of rising interest rates coupled with a fear of inflation balanced against the investors’ need to compensate for potential volatility in the equities market.

The ISP Advantage

The financial services industry and markets are changing fast, while people are living longer and facing more complex financial needs. At the same time, investors are increasingly seeking to partner with advisors who can offer guidance to help them face today’s financial planning challenges.

ISP is a firm comprised of fixed income specialists with an extensive network of Fixed Income traders and a client-driven approach to enable our clients to provide superior service to their clients.

Our consultants have advised some of the top RIA and independant broker/dealer firms in the country.  We have assembled a team that allows our clients to leverage multiple areas of expertise in the fixed income markets.

A Strategic Partner for Financial Professionals

At Income Solution Partners, we believe in providing each client with personalized service. Our team of experienced consultants empower advisors to:

  • Strengthen your client relationships
  • Differentiate your practice from competitors
  • Implement portfolio risk strategies without sacrificing flexibility or liquidity

With a wealth of knowledge and insight, ISP consultants give advisors the tools to achieve their clients' short and long term objectives. We believe in understanding each client's business model and market outlook, then educating them on the most suitable investments